About D'Antonio Automotive of West Chester, PA

Our Team

D'Antonio Automotive is proud to be a local, family-owned and operated auto repair facility. We provide repair and restoration services for classic, exotic, and luxury vehicles. We also specialize in Jeep service, repair, and outfitting. Whether you just want to install bigger tires, Overland through Moab, or take on the biggest and baddest trails, we've got you covered! Our level of service is outstanding, and we offer personalized services that you won't get at a dealership.

classic, antique and performance auto repairs West Chester, PA

Our Famous Auto Repair Services

Customers come far and wide to our West Chester, PA garage to get their vehicles fixed properly and priced fairly by our team. Below is a short list of services we offer to our customers.

  • Classic car service and restoration
  • Exotic service
  • Luxury and European car specialists
  • VW - Audi - Lamborghini - Bentley
  • Aston Martin specialists
  • Jeep Specialists
  • Custom Jeep Service
  • 4x4 Experts

Google Certified Testimonials

Jim Burger
Apr 18, 2024

I rarely submit reviews but had to this time. Being a lifelong car enthusiast, I am very fussy especially with regard to detail. I have an old (1966) classic muscle car that I wanted to get as close to perfect as possible and trusted two previous high end shops to do some work. When they didn’t meet my expectations, a friend recommended D’Antonio’s. If I could use one word to describe this experience, WOW! First class, World class in every sense. Not only in state~of~the~art equipment but also in knowledge, skill, expertise and Tony & his Son couldn’t have been more friendly and responsive. Their workmanship far exceeded my expectations. They did some engine work and dressed up the interior with a few extras. The entire team of professionals are very learned in all mechanical and electrical systems, new and old. It’s so refreshing to find a local family owned business who takes so much pride in their workmanship and over servicing their customers. D’Antonio’s has definitely secured me as another steady customer and would recommend their services to anyone in a heartbeat Lastly, it’s just not my opinion but Tony and his team earned a weekly hour long TV broadcast Wednesday evenings at 10 o’clock on Motortrend called Last Chance Garage, each episode having a couple project cars they are working on. It’s very interesting, educational and entertaining.

Dominic Mariani
Mar 01, 2024

Took my 1970 Ford Torino to Tony after it being at another shop for 2 years after they royally screwed me over with the work they were supposed to perform on my car. Tonys guys absolutely crushed it. I got the car back from the other shop unfinished and non running, and Tony’s guys got it absolutely dialed in now. This is what i expected from the first guy, and after that disappointment i didnt want to get my hopes up again, but i couldnt be happier. There are no leaks any more, i noticed a bunch of little stuff the guys tidied up for me that werent even discussed, just little things to make it right. Id drive this thing to cali tomorrow without a worry. It runs and drives so good now and it feels proper.

Ron Neff
Apr 25, 2023

Excellent service. Tony and all of the staff are knowledgeable and great to work with. D'Antonio was recommended to me as the place to go if you have a lifted Jeep. A dealership had botched my alignment and now it's very straight and smooth again. I highly recommend this shop.

Dan M
Mar 08, 2023

let me start out by saying what an incredible experience I had. owners hands on and extremely welcoming. took time to listen to my concerns scheduled me following week. once jeep arrived the went over game plan and stuck to it. updated regularly and my bill was exactly what they quoted no games no bs e en went extra and fixed a unknown unrelated issue at no charge. will recommend to anyone I know